The T’cap 21 Association

“T” for Down’s Syndrome (Trisomie 21)
“C” for Ability (Capacité)
“A” for Self-determination (Autodétermination)
“P” for Life Plan (Projet de vie)

T’Cap21 began when a collective of parents of children with Down’s syndrome was moved to action because they no longer felt accurately represented in traditional organizations. Sharing the same vision and desire to further the development of their children through diverse means, they decided to create their own association in 2015 : it was the birth of T’Cap21 !
Their primary goal is to ensure that children with Down’s Syndrome are included in society just as they are, and on the same basis as any other child who doesn’t have a disability.
Because they are able and capable in a “different” way: capable of working, of having a fulfilling social life, capable of being independent and of assuming responsibilities, able to go out, to have a love life, able to have friends …

Our Campaign

Our goals