My life plans do not stop in front of the eyes of others !

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About us

T’Cap21 began when a collective of parents of children with Down’s syndrome was moved to action because they no longer felt accurately represented in traditional organizations. Sharing the same vision and desire to further the development of their children through diverse means, they decided to create their own association…

Our Campaign

To promote the integration of people with Down’s Syndrome Whether it be for studying, working, going shopping, or simply planning simple leisure activities, to be allowed to claim the ordinary rights of any citizen to LIVE. Changing the way Down’s Syndrome is seen Because people with Down’s Syndrome are still victims of discrimination…

Our goals

Because we are aiming for residential autonomy for those affected by Down’s Syndrome, and because we want to support families, and life plans, our association has an objective: to build a café & guesthouse business fully managed by people with Down’s syndrome in which they could – at the same time – live, have a remunerative activity…